Automatic Opening Solutions

We are Keystone Automatic Door Enterprises, provider of automatic opening solutions of all shapes and sizes. The case for automatic doors is simple: they are convenient, safe, meet accessibility requirements and create more aesthetically pleasing entranceways. Additionally, automatic doors offer enhanced security, reduce air infiltration and better control the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Swing Door System Ontario

Swing and Folding Door Systems

Keystone Automatic Door Enterprises offers a wide range of swing doors for ADA compliance. These systems are designed for the most demanding of applications.

Sliding Door System Ontario

Sliding Doors Systems

Keystone Automatic Door Enterprises offers Horton sliding door systems that are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The breadth of this product offering is unparalleled in the industry.

Revolving Door System Ontario

Revolving Doors

Keystone Automatic Door Enterprises offers Horton revolving doors systems with dramatic architectural appeal, energy efficiency and the ability to move vast amounts of pedestrian traffic.

Healthcare Specialty and ICU Doors Ontario

Healthcare Specialty Doors

With the broadest selection of healthcare products in the industry, Keystone Automatic Door Enterprises makes a difference in patient experience and hospital efficiency.

Railway Platform Screen Doors Ontario

Platform Screen Doors

Keystone Automatic Door Enterprises offers many customized solutions for light and heavy rail applications.

Automatic Door Accessories

Automatic Door Accessories

We are your solution for all door accessories, including sensors and bollards, and handicap buttons, guard rails and washroom systems.